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Commenting Guidelines

We love comments at Tech4Days but have been deluged with spammers. If you'd like an account on the site, please send an e-mail to admin at tech4days dot com and include nothing in the subject line except the result of six plus three plus one. In the body of the e-mail enter your desired username and an e-mail to send you a password (which you can change). Thanks!

P.S.: if you view the source code of the site you'll see several hidden links. These aren't links to any kind of tracking or adware, they're to the honeypot project (not as sexy as it sounds, unfortunately), which is designed to trap and blacklist spammers.

Writing Guidelines

We accept submissions at our discretion. They must be original. We're not interested in stuff making the rounds on the tubes of the Internet. Any graphics you send us must be photos you took yourself, or screenshots that have been modified enough so that the originals are unrecognizable. We can't publish any photos of people unless you certify that you know them and have their permission. Pieces must be fairly short.

We can't pay anything for submissions yet, but will give you a byline. Let us know the name(s) you want to appear with your story. Remember, this is a tech humor themed site, but that doesn't mean general humor can't be slightly massaged and made tech-related.