Tips for Staying Secure Online

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- With word that yet another breach has caused billions of passwords to be stolen, Tech4Days wants to help by sharing tips with our readers for staying safe and secure online.

  • Passwords: Your passwords should be unguessable, quasi-random strings such as "fue78237qwd" and "78lsls8r@@!". Because you're going to forget your password when it's this obscure, make sure your Security question answer is something simple like "Mom".
  • Adult Web Sites: Many adult web sites contain viruses. You can avoid these by only watching on-screen and never dating the performers.
  • Public WiFi: if you use public WiFi, make sure to change your e-mail password every 30-45 seconds. 
  • Keystroke Loggers: Before you use your PC, make sure you always turn it around, open it up, and thoroughly search for keystroke loggers hidden by parents, spouses, or the NSA. We recommend completely disassembling your PC and then reassembling it, or switching to a Mac.
  • Contests: it's hard to know legitimate contests from scams. In general, if you've won $100 or less, it's not worth the chance that the site might be a scam. If, however, someone wants to give you millions of dollars in lost inheritance, you should definitely check it out even if you lose $20,000.

These tips will have keep you safe!