Special: Cyber Bullying

By Chrissy C


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You want cyber bullying, you worthless loser? Get out of here, you're not even worth my time. You're stupid, you smell funny, everyone talks behind your back, and I don't want to be your Facebook friend and neither does anyone else at school or work or church or wherever your worthless self is hanging out right now.

You're still here? You're so much of a loser you just had to keep reading, didn't you? You're just a big old L7 and I bet you're so hideous and old that you even know what L7 means (and no I don't mean the 90s band because they're far too cool for you).

I'm going to post everything I found out about you all over the Internet and then the whole world will know what a loser you truly are! Like those pictures I found from your phone. YOU know what I'm talking about and don't try to be all coy and shy and stuff because it's not going to work because you have absolutely ZERO personality and NO ONE likes you, not even your own parents

I talked to some people who knew you when you were five and they said even then you were just a prissy, nasty, ugly girl or boy or whatever you are because in your case ANDROGYNOUS is spelled L-O-S-E-R so you might as well just get out of here now and give up because I'm not going to be your friend EVER and NO ONE IS. NO ONE ON THE PLANET. EVERYONE HATES YOU! HATE HATE HATE. Your nickname is Nasty McUglypants so how do you like that?

Well, I've gotta go now back to my cool life because my mom is calling me. What? PLENTY of cool hipsters are in their 30's and still living with their parents so don't try to start hating on me you whiny sniveling loser!

P.S.: Check back later if you'd like some more Cyber Bullying if you're not too stupid to even know how to use the Internet!