Sneak Peek Inside Apple Headquarters

CUPERTINO, CA -- Apple is notorious for having a secret, closed campus. We were delighted when they offered to give Tech4Days an exclusive tour. Our photos appear below.

Apple has a full research library that, ironically, contains thousands of books in physical format.
Picture of Minecraft library

The outdoor meeting area is conducive to productivity.
Picture of Minecraft Table and Chairs

Given all their hard work, employees occasionally need a nap. The nap lounge is perfect for this. Fresh sheets are always available.
Picture of Minecraft Bed

When a break is needed, but a nap is too much, employees head to the lounge, where each employee has a private locker.
Picture of Minecraft Lounge

This hallway leads to Apple's super top secret research facility. We weren't allowed to go down it.
Picture of Minecraft hallway

This is the employee who showed us around the campus. He did not want to give his name, but said that Apple was a great place to work "except after dark, when you have to watch out for the zombies."
Picture of Minecraft Villager

We don't believe in zombies, but, still, made sure we got out by sunset.
Picture of Minecraft Sunset