Silverlight Surpasses Flash as Virus Vector

REDMOND, WA -- Microsoft proudly announced this week that it's Silverlight application framework has surpassed Adobe Flash as a virus vector for consumer PC's.

"It's true," beamed a proud Microsoft VP S. Somasegar. "Last month, Adobe Flash infected 39,007 computers while Silverlight infected 43,414."

Somaseger want on to say that he did not view this as an anomaly. "Microsoft products have always been at the forefront of virus infections and we're doing all we can to ensure this continues, even as the web starts to decentralize."

Microsoft plans to incorporate virus infection vectors into its new Surface RT development platform via three new calls: infect_existing(virusname as string), infect_new(virusname as string) and random_reboot(x). The third call, while not technically a virus, will prove equally annoying as it will randomly restart the Surface within x number of seconds.