Rumored iWatch Will Tell Time

CUPERTINO, CA -- Tech4Days has learned exclusive details about the iWatch that is going to be released by Apple just in time for Christmas. This amazing device will let users know what time it is just by looking at their wrists!

The watch will have a band, and will attach to the wrist. It will feature a clock face that one can look at to tell the time. Tapping a button on the side will illuminate the display so that the wearer can see the time in a dark place, such as a movie theater.

The watch can be set to work in any time zone by pulling a small nub on the outside of the clock face and turning it forward to move the hour and minute hand forward, and backward to move the hour and minute hand backward.

The watch will tell time down to the second thanks to the patented iSecondHand.

The watch will operate as a stand-alone device. This means it doesn't need an iPhone, iPad or iMac, it doesn't work with Siri, and it doesn't do anything other than tell the time.

Said an Apple spokesperson on the condition of anonymity: "we wanted the watch to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Put it on, set the time, and don't think about it again until you have to change it for daylight savings time."

The iWatch will be on sale this fall in two colors, black or white, for $899.