Review: Kindle Unlimited

SEATTLE, WA -- Kindle announced this week an "All You Can Read" plan called "Kindle Unlimited". This week we had the Cyberlady review it.

Earl and I always liked going to the All-You-Can-Eat buffet down at the Sizzler after church so anything that gives you more for less is a great deal, especially if Milly from church looks the other way when I stuff my purse full of rolls. So when the folks at this web site asked me to take a look at the Kindle thingy I thought it sounded pretty good, but then they told me it meant letting the internet into my house. I've always been skeptical of the internet ever since I got that letter from the lady who came home and found her husband with his pants down.

I decided I'd do the Kindle test from my son's house just in case a virus tried to come in. Him and his wife are heathens anyway and their house is so dirty nothing could live in it. So I took the Kindle thingy over to their house and fired that sucker up.

Sadly, it was really disappointing. They had all these weird books on there that I'd never heard of: Ulysses, To Kill A Mockingbird, Heart of Darkness. Who wants to read that stuff? I wanted to read my grandson's third grade essay on frogs but they didn't have it. Ditto for my granddaughter's high school paper on World War II. I couldn't even find any of Earl's old love letters that he sent when we were a-courtin'. 

Oh well. Maybe this Kindle thingy will get better over time but for now I just can't recommend it.