Registration Requirements

To register for the site, send an e-mail to admin at tech4days dot com with the sum of nine plus one as the subject line. Registration will let you access our forthcoming message boards and comment on stories. We won't send you any e-mails at all except those related to your registration (your initial password, forgotten password link, etc.). Promise.

We've gone from a free-for-all registration system to one where administrator permission is required. This isn't because we're power-hungry (though we are) or trying to control speech (we're not the government), but because we don't care about any of the following things:

  • Viagra
  • Discount Shoes
  • Moms making $500 an hour on the internet
  • Getting cash out of Nigeria
  • Lorem Ipso, whoever the hell that is
  • Increasing the size of anyone's penis
  • Discount travel packages to some hell hole
  • Increasing the size of anyone's breasts
  • Buying drugs from Canada

If you are interested in any of these things, in an abstract way, please apply for registration and maybe we'll consider it. Sorry to anyone who just wants to say something funny or constructive. And since we don't write Mandarin, we'll have to spell it phonetically: "Woo boo shee pee ma".