New Year's Resolutions of the Technorati

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--with 2013 almost over, Tech4Days asked several luminaries, and a few C-list stars, in the tech field for their 2014 New Year's Resolutions. Their answers appear below:

Bill Gates: Hard as it will be, I will get rid of my secret iPad and start using a Surface.

Larry Ellison: I will finally add a simple autoincrement field to Oracle SQL and not make people keep having to use sequences, stored procedures and other such nonsense ... just kidding, I'm not changing anything!

Greg Gopman: I will donate $25 to charity to make up for what were called "insensitive" remarks, even though I don't really think I said anything wrong.

Marissa Mayer: I will stop buying up all the houses that are near mine and realize that it is OK to have neighbors.

Eric Schmidt: I will redouble my efforts to stop the NSA from collecting so much data on American citizens. Only Google should be collecting that much data, not the government.

Edward Snowden: I will learn Russian so I can order something at a McDonald's besides a чизбургер.

From all of us at T4D, Happy 2014!