Man Concerned Windows Updates Piling Up Faster Than They Can Be Installed

SEATTLE, WA -- Joseph Davis, a 72 year-old retiree, has become extremely concerned that Windows updates are piling up faster than his computer can install them.

"Three days ago I got a mesage that I had 32 new updates, so I started installing them," Davis said. "I waited about five minutes, but when it said it was only at update 4 of 32 I left for lunch. When I came back, I was at update 5 of 57. Then that night I was at update 6 or 317. Now, three days later, I'm at update 14 of 4,912!!!!"

Davis, a retired mathematics professor, has estimated that, at this rate, the machine will not be finished updating for at least 13 more years, and that's only if it stops at fewer than 10,000 updates.

"I'd like to talk to you more," said Davis, "but I'm on my way out to buy another computer so I can get some work done."