Man Buys Fitness Hardware and Apps: Plans to Exercise "Soon"

DUBUQUE, IOWA -- Area man Charles Goodman decided to kick off the fall with an in intense diet and exercise program, although he has yet to do any actual exercise or change his unhealthy eating habits. "Before I start my exercise plan I want to make sure all of the pieces are in place," Goodman told us by Skype Thursday morning. "I realized I needed to do something. I was getting a little thick through the waistline and have been spending a bit too much time on the couch or in front of the computer."

Goodman spent hours online researching various fitness products, and ultimately decided on buying several of them. He plans to rotate these devices and apps at some point in the near future to "mix things up" and "keep it fresh".

So far, Goodman has purchased and/or downloaded:

    • A Fitbit wrist movement tracker
    • A Garmin GPS watch
    • A subscription to myNetDiary, an online diet tracking site
    • Fourteen various fitness apps from the Mac App store for his iPad

"Once I learn how all this stuff works," Goodman said. "Then I'll be ready to start working on the new me." Goodman initially estimated that his diet and exercise plan would start sometime early next year, but that has been temporarily delayed because he wants to wait for the release of the iWatch. "Hopefully, Version 1 of the watch will be good enough for me to start my program, but, from past experience, I might have to wait a year for Version 2 to come out before I can really commit to fitness and healthy eating."