Man Astonished That Windows Stops Updating Long Enough to Work

PISCATAWAY, NJ -- 47 year old Erwin McDonohugh expressed outright disbelief on Friday when Microsoft Windows stopped updating itself long enough for him to create and save a document in Microsoft Word. "This has never happened before," McDonohugh said. "I always turn on my PC to try to write something, but it always tells me that 'important updates are being installed' and that I should wait."

Initially, McDonohugh was at a loss when the familiar "Please Do Not Power Off Your Machine, Installing Updates" message failed to appear when he booted his laptop. "I thought maybe the Operating System was frozen or something, then I heard the Windows sound and knew that I was at the Desktop and the machine was under my control! I figured this wouldn't last, so I started Microsoft Word and typed as fast as I could."

Sure enough, when we followed-up earlier today, McDonohugh's good fortune had run out and he was forced to watch television, unable to use his PC because important updates were being installed.