Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Need to buy something for that special or not so special someone. Here are some last minute Christmas-Holidays-Kwanzaa-Chanukah-Festivus ideas that are sure to please:

Carafe made out of Minecraft Blocks

Minecarafe Beverage Dispenser

This delightful carafe dispenses your beverage of choice simply by tipping it. Whether it's water, mushroom soup or lava, it's the perfect carafe for every occasion.

Cobblestone: $19, Silver: $99, Obsidian: $499

Box of Tech Crunchies Cereal

TechCrunchies Cereal

The perfect breakfast to eat while gossiping about what's going on in the Valley.

Case of 24 boxes: $79

Picture of typewriter HP Classic 12 PC

The most unusual PC ever invented! Read our review from earlier this year. $1,499.99

Dogbuttz for iPad

If someone you know has pets, gift them this app. They'll thank you forever. $29.99. Read our review from earlier this year