How Technical Are You?

Please answer each question honestly.

1. How many hours per day do you spend online?

a) Fewer than one.
b) 1-23.
c) 24.

2. Greg Gopman's comments about the homeless outside in San Francisco were?

a) Who is Greg Gopman?
b) Insensitive
c) What's "outside"?

3. A terrible storm takes out the internet and destroys your laptop. Your cell phone is unavailable. What do you do?

a) Try to remain calm while the authorities sort things out.
b) Freak out.
c) Remove your virtual reality helmet and breathe a sigh of relief that the entire thing was just a simulated exercise.

4. Texting while driving is:

a) Dangerous.
b) Illegal.
c) Fine because my car is self-driving.

5. The big yellowish-orange ball in the sky is:

a) I don't know.
b) The sun.
c) The sun in Minecraft.

6. My personality can best be described as:

a) Introvert.
b) Extrovert.
c) Glasshole.

SCORING: Give yourself 1 point for ever "c" answer you selected.

If you scored 1-5 points you are not technical.

If you scored 6 points you are still not technical.

If you are annoyed that you had to manually tabulate your score and that it wasn't calculated using JavaScript and a nice CSS presentation, you are technical. If you are also annoyed by the shabby stock graphic you are HIGHLY technical.