Online Hero Prepares Virtual Thanksgiving Feast

CYBERSPACE, U.S. -- Shieldblocker_19, a level 60 warrior in the Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) RIFT, has prepared a delectable virtual feast for members of the Waning Crescent guild.

Shieldblocker_19, who is known as 38-year-old Kevin Ackers in real life, said: "I wanted the virtual feast to be fantastic and scrumptious. I gathered herbs all day instead of leveling my Planar Attunement because I want everything to be just right."

Ackers plans to serve virtual turkey legs and drumsticks, virtual white wine, virtual cranberry sauce, and two kinds of virtual mashed potatoes--plain and garlic. "I was hoping to make some virtual pumpkin pie, but the guild raid started and I didn't have time to find virtual condensed milk," said Ackers. "But other than that, it's going to be a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving feast right after we finish up TDQ."

When asked his plans for real-life Thanksgiving, Ackers, who lives alone, replied: "who knows? I'll probably play Rift most of the day, call my parents, feed my cat Mittens, then eat a can of ravioli."