Google Nuclear Phone Needs No Charging

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Google has entered the competitive cell phone market space by releasing the world's first nuclear powered cell phone which eliminates the need for charging.

Google CEO and Founder Larry Page stated:

This is truly a new era for cellular communications. No longer will you go to make a call only to find that your phone battery has discharged while in your pocket. Your phone will always have a charge thanks to the small nuclear fission reactor built into the phone itself.

Page expects the phone to last 3-5 years, with maintenance needed only once every six months.

Maintenance, while simple, is critical. The phone contains nuclear fuel rods that must be replaced every six months. Replacing them is very simple, and we will sell replacement kits, but I must reiterate that rod replacement is critical. If the fuel rods are not replaced, the phone could melt down, contaminating your home and making it unlivable for the next 25 years.

Page expects the phone to go on sale in a few months once the company has worked out a deal with the State of Nevada for disposal of old phones.