Google Disguises Shuttle Buses

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- After hundreds of Google employees were repeatedly late for work due to protesters blocking Google's employee shuttle buses, the company has decided to fight back by disguising the buses.

"Although people in San Francisco will protest just about anything," said Google spokesperson Nathan Glass, "we think these new buses will be able to stay sufficiently under the radar."

Several of the buses are truly ingenious. One bus, disguised as a Taco Truck, emits the odor of cilantro from a small pod of cilantro extract placed into a ventilation fan.

The bus disguised as an animal shelter contains speakers playing the sounds of dogs and cats while Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" plays softly in the background.

The "Republicans Suck" bus has proven especially popular, with people waving and high-fiving the bus, instead of blocking it.

The only bus that has drawn a negative reaction so far is the "Homeless Church" bus, which was the target of protest by a group of atheists who believe that the homeless should be helped without being forced into an organized religion.