Get-A-Lot Makes Sure You Get Yours This Christmas

Get A Lot Report

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Just in time for the holidays, Greedisoft has announced release of its "Get-A-Lot" app which makes sure you get your fair share for Christmas.

Are you sick of spending $100 on someone only to get a crappy $10 present back? Get-A-Lot, developed by Hedge Fund Manager Bradley Solventon, solves this by tracking the amount you spent on someone vs. the amount they spent on you. When you give a gift, simply scan the bar code (or download the automatic add-on for Amazon) and then tap their name in your address book and Get-A-Lot does the rest.

After the holidays, use the "One Tap Report" feature to instantly show you who was profitable to you on Christmas and those on whom you took a financial bath.

"Initially, you might lose money on someone at Christmas," said Solventon, "but the app also works on birthdays, etc. so you can make it up by giving someone a cheaper gift next year."

In addition, next December, the app will automatically notify you of those whose giving wasn't up to snuff so you can cull them from your friends list.

"I realized my ex-wife was only spending a couple grand on me each year when I was giving her cars, trips, etc.," said Solventon. "When I saw how unprofitable she was, I dumped her."

A just-released update for the software allows you to account for hotness of a lover or spouse. For example, if you're 87 years old and your girlfriend is 19, the app will forgive that all she gave you for Christmas was a restraining order.