Expert Discussion: WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal

Users looking for a content management system (CMS) are often befuddled by the enormous number of choices available. Tech4Days rounded up three experts in three of the most popular CMS's for a panel discussion of the pros and cons of each.

Marvin McMyrtle has been using WordPress to set up hundreds of blogs for friends. His most recent, "The Incredible World of Cats", won a Webbie as "Best Crazy Cat Person web site". For convenience, we'll call him "Mr. W". Madeleine McMillan is a Joomla! evangelist--literally. She uses Joomla! to run 16 Evangelical Christian web sites, including "Burn in Hell, Sinners", which she describes as a "welcoming site for someone new to the Evanglical world". For convenience, we'll call her "Ms. J". Mark McKenzie is a Drupal instructor for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU). We'll refer to him as "Mr. D". Tech4Days will be referred to as "T4D".

T4D: What should users look for in a CMS?
Mr. W: Ease of use.
Ms. J: An exclamation point at the end of the name.
Mr. D: Open Source.

T4D: What do you think of some of the other CMS's out there?
Mr. W: Joomla! is a piece of crap and a complete waste of time.
Ms. J: Strange that you would say that, given your support of the virus factory otherwise known as "WordPress".
Mr. D: Open Source.

T4D: What do you think of the user experience of various CMS's?
Mr. W: The Drupal people are complete a*holes. They're like "ooh, I'm writing some PHP extensions to display a calendar in a box look at me, look how smart I am. I went to college. I have a computer oooooohhh."
Ms. J: The WordPress people are unsaved and unclean. Did you know there are WordPress blogs that support the gay agenda?
Mr. D: People using WordPress and Joomla! are uneducated cows. There is no nicer way to put it.
Ms. J: Says the man who works with people who makes dresses.
Mr. D: What's wrong with dresses?!? You're wearing one now.
Ms. J: Wearing one, but I wouldn't touch the people who make them with a ten foot pole.
Mr. W: Well, that's Christian of you.
Ms. J: I *knew* you'd find some way to use my religion against me. That's why I hate these tech panels. People always use them to say bad things about my religion.

T4D: What do you see as the future of your particular CMS?
Mr. W.: I don't know about WordPress but I see Drupal being flushed down the toilet of computer history in about two years.
Mr. D: Two years, that's about how long it takes one of you WordPress neanderthals to put a web site together even though your CMS is so simple my three year old could use it.
Ms. J: We're going to shut down the government in 2016 unless the White House switches its web site from Drupal to Joomla!

T4D: Do you think any of the paid solutions offer more than your Open Source solutions?
Mr. W: Yes. Microsoft Word is very nice and I can wrap the text around pictures of the cats.
Ms. J: Pat Robertson has assembled a team of programmers that is currently putting together the world's first Christian CMS. This will be a step up.
Mr. D: No. The best thing people can do is try to set up a Drupal site on their own, then call my consulting company when it doesn't work.