Exclusive First Look at iCar

CUPERTINO, CA -- For months now, people have been speculating about Apple's forthcoming iCar, the company's first foray into the automotive world. Tech4Days has been skulking around the Tech Bus Stops and, in between being hit with donuts by protesters, we've learned about the new car and many of its features.

According to our anonymous source, the Apple iCar will:

  • Include four iWheels, two or four iDoors, and iDash, the information display that will show all relevant functions of the car.
  • Will be steered using the iDrive app for iPhone or iPad and will not contain a steering wheel or pedals.
  • Will have no windows, only the iDash navigation screen.

The graphic above shows a sample iDash screen.

The upper-left shows the car's current speed and battery status. In this example, the car is going 26 mph and the battery status is good because the battery light is black, not red.

Immediatey below this display is the new iGPS, Apple's miniature GPS that shows the car's current location. In the example, the car is somewhere on the West Coast of the United States.

The right side of iDash shows nine icons that are either black to indicate a function is functioning correctly, or red to indicate a problem or lack of availability. From left to right, top to bottom, these icons are:

  • Shopping Cart: iDash will feature a voice link to the iTunes store via Siri. The Shopping Cart icon will flash when a driver has purchased something.
  • Camera: an external camera streams a view of the road to a second iPhone or iPad, or to an AirPlay device. In this example, the icon is red because there is a problem with the camera.
  • Music: indicates a Bluetooth connection with an iPod Nano is present.
  • Bluetooth: indicates Bluetooth is present and functioning.
  • WiFi: indicates WiFi is present and functioning.
  • Car Orientation: if this icon is red, it means the car has overturned, as in an accident. A black icon indicates the car is upright.
  • Heart: users of Tinder, Grindr, or other dating apps can connect these apps to the car. The heart will flash when an eligible partner (i.e. someone else who has an iCar) is within 500 feet.
  • Bucket: if the bucket is red, it is raining outside. Otherwise, it's not. This icon is necessary because there are no windows in the iCar.
  • Rifleman: if the rifleman is red, there is a police or military action nearby. If the icon is flashing, a crazed sniper is on the loose. Purchasers of iCar Plus will be safe because the Plus model, which starts at $450,000, is bulletproof.

The largest part of iDash, the iDash letter ribbon, shows a bunch of letters and gauges that move up and down. Our source was unable to decipher what these mean, and we couldn't either, but they sure look cool.

We'll keep you posted as more details of the iCar become available!