Elderly Woman Uses Cell Phone

DULUTH, MN -- 87 year old Gertrude McClavich became the first person older than 80 to successfully use a cellular telephone to complete a call when she used her Samsung Galaxy Note II to phone her surprised daughter-in-law in Minneapolis.

"I gave her the phone for Christmas fully expecting that she'd never figure out how to use it," said daughter-in-law Marie McClavich. "She's kind of an annoying person and giving her a cell phone seemed like the best way to make it seem like we wanted her to call us without having to go through the bother of having to actually talk to her."

Gertrude's son, James, agrees with his wife. "We used a three point approach to keep her from being able to annoy us. First, I took the phone from the coffee table where she put it and hid it in her nightstand, figuring she would never be able to find it. Next, I made sure that the battery was dead, figuring that even if she found it she'd have no idea how to charge it. Finally, as a last safety measure, I loaded the phone up with all kinds of apps so that even if she managed to charge the phone she'd never be able to find the keypad to dial it. Yet, somehow, she did."

Gertrude is absolutely delighted that she can call her son and daughter-in-law at least twice a day. Said the smiling 87 year-old: "The only thing I don't like about the phone is that Minecraft mobile sucks compared to the Xbox version."