Dropbox Buys Soccer Field to Prevent Future "Misunderstandings"

SAN FRANCISCO -- After a recent video of Dropbox employees in a heated discussion with a group of youths over who had the right to use a local soccer field went viral, Dropbox announced it was buying the soccer field in question to prevent any further misunderstandings.

"We didn't like the uncomfortable situation that occurred when some of our employees purchased a permit to use the field but were asked to leave," said spokesperson Rhee Trieve-Fiels. "There was a lot of unnecessary tension and, frankly, it caused us to look bad. We decided to prevent this from happening again by purchasing the field from the City of San Francisco."

Starting next week, the field will be available to those with I.D. badges from a local tech company. "We don't want this to be just for Dropbox," said Trieve-Fiels. "That's why any employee of any local tech company will be allowed to use the field. And when they're not using it, we will lock it off. Hopefully, this will prevent anyone from experiencing an uncomfortable situation in the future."

When asked about where the neighborhood kids would play, Trieve-Fiels said "we're only buying one field. They're free to purchase any other field they want!"