Automatic Porch Light Takes Last Remaining IP4 Address

GENEVA, IL -- When Percy Milford, an amateur computer hobbyist, purchased a porch light from Radio Shack he had no idea he was about to make history. The light, an RS-9312333, contains a built in router which, due to a contract made in the late 1980s, assigns an automatic static IP4 address to the device. When Mr. Milford's light connected to the web, he was assigned the last of 4.2 billion IP4 addresses.

"Really?", said Mr. Milford when we contacted him by phone. "That is so awesome! You mean there are no more addresses?!? No more, not for anybody? I've got the last one? Wow!"

Milford has since taken down the porch light and put it in a safe while he attempts to sell it on eBay for $37 million.