Attempt to 3D Print Golden Gate Bridge Goes Awry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Mary and Charles Davis of Cambridge, Massachusetts, were visiting San Francisco this past weekend when Charles, an industrial engineer, got the idea to use his new 3D printer to create a copy of the Golden Gate Bridge. "Traffic was horribly slow," said Charles by phone. "We wanted to visit Sausalito but didn't want to sit in a two hour traffic jam."

Davis used his Makerbot Replicator 2X to make a copy of itself. He then made a copy of the copy, resulting in a Replicator four times its original size. He continued this process until he had a replicator that was 37 times the size of the original.

"People were yelling at us that my husband's Replicators were taking up too much space on the public beach and that their dogs couldn't go around it," said Mary Davis. "I guess I pushed him to work too quickly."

Charles Davis missed some critical coordinates, and, instead of producing a perfect replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, produced a mangled copy. "At that point, we knew we had problems," Charles Davis said. "We didn't want to spend our last day in San Francisco in jail so we pushed all the Replicators out into the Bay and left the bridge replicas on the lawn as "sculptures".