Apple Enters Health Market with iDentist

CUPERTINO, CA -- Apple's entry into the home health market took an aggressive step today with the release of iDentist, a $199 dental application for iPhone that can clean teeth and fix cavities. 

Tech4Days put the app to the test.

The first step is to fire up the app and take dental x-rays using cell phone radiation. Because this radiation isn't as strong as a traditional dental x-ray machine, users must leave their phone strapped to their face for 48 hours. The app kit includes a velcro strap for this purpose. Users can still receive phone calls and texts while the phone is strapped to their face, but must use Siri to read and compose text messages since removing the phone from the face, even momentarily, resets the app.

Once the x-rays are completed, the app provides a full report of what needs to be done. If no cavities are found, users simply brush their teeth using the single-use toothbrush (five are provided with the app). If cavities are found, users attach the drill piece included with the app to the end of the phone, then place the entire iPhone in their mouth. The app uses the phone's camera and motion sensor to drill out the cavities. 

When done, the app beeps. At that point, users take their phone out of their mouth, attach the iFilling attachment, and put the phone back in their mouth. Fifteen minutes later, the cavities are gone! Tech4Days found the cavity fixing process surprisingly accurate, but extremely painful.

If the app finds more serious problems, users are given the appropriate recommendations. For example, if a crown is needed, users can buy an in-app upgrade to iCrown for $2,499. iCrown, which we didn't test, lets users print their own crowns on most models of 3D printers. 

If wisdom teeth need extraction, users can use the in-app upgrade to iWisdomTooth for $1,899. Tech4Days found iWisdom to be overpriced and, if necessary, we recommend using pliers to pull out your wisdom teeth instead.

Apple plans to continue making inroads into the health market. In addition to iDentist, look for the release of iBrainSurgeon, Apple's first Nanobot app, next year.