Amazon Starts No Frills Airline

SEATTLE, WA -- Amazon corporation has launched a new "no-frills" airline service that, for $59 per year, offers unlimited free fares between Seattle and dozens of other cities across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Benton, Arkansas. Fliers can travel between other cities by transferring at the Seattle hub.

Travelers are guaranteed to get to their ultimate destination within three business days. For $2.99 per flight, that guarantee is cut down to two business days. For $3.99 per flight, passengers can get to their destinations overnight.

The new airline offers no schedule, no food, no check-in and no seats. Passengers carry all their baggage onboard. Passengers simply show up at the airport and cram themselves on the planes, which depart every 30-45 minutes. Using the Second Amendment to do an end run around FAA regulations, the planes are registered in Texas as "giant passenger-containing bullets". Free Wi-Fi is provided.