3 Dead, Hundreds Hurt at New Minecraft Theme Park

KONA, HI -- Three people are dead and hundreds more were injured at the Thanksgiving Day opening of the new Minecraft Theme Park near Volcanoes National Park on the big island of Hawaii.

Among the dead are 22 year-old Sven Karlstadt of Finland. According to Karlstadt's widow, Ingrid: "Sven had filled a hole full of water and was trying to get a bucketful of lava to make obsidian but he fell in the lava and his cloth armor [shorts and a t-shirt--ed.] didn't protect him."

Yohiro Sashimito of Yokohama, Japan was killed when he became overconfident digging a hole down and fell into an unexpected crevice. "They kept telling me he would respawn at the lodge," said his virtual girlfriend, Aoi Sakuraba, "but he never showed up".

Charles Davenkoop, a technical specialist from San Francisco, was also among the dead. Davenkoop had tried to loot silver from someone else's chest, but accidentally stepped on a rigged pressure plate, where he was blown to bits by a large block of dynamite.

In addition to the dead, there were hundreds of injuries, mostly hand and wrist sprains from repeatedly punching trees.