June 2014

Oculus Rift Club Formed

Oculus Rift Club Outing

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- The world's first Oculus Rift club has been formed in the twin cities. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality helmet that is completely immersive. 

The club meets once a week and takes walks around the neighborhood while using Google Maps to make it appear they are walking in various famous cities throughout the world. "Last week we walked the streets of Paris," said  Club President Sven Gunderstadt. "This week it's Athens, and next week it's Helsinki."

Gameblock Blocker Stops Gameblock From Blocking Facebook Game Requests

CUPERTINO, CA -- Fizzysoft announced today that it is releasing Gameblock Blocker, an app that counterats the Gameblock App.

Gameblock is an app that keeps other people's game requests from appearing in your Facebook feed. Gameblock Blocker stops Gameblock from doing this. "You say you don't care if your friend reaches level 12 in Candy Crush," said Greg Gopman, the new Fizzysoft CEO. Well, tough s**t. You're going to see it whether you want to or not."

Man Astonished That Windows Stops Updating Long Enough to Work

PISCATAWAY, NJ -- 47 year old Erwin McDonohugh expressed outright disbelief on Friday when Microsoft Windows stopped updating itself long enough for him to create and save a document in Microsoft Word. "This has never happened before," McDonohugh said. "I always turn on my PC to try to write something, but it always tells me that 'important updates are being installed' and that I should wait."

Man Feasts in Warcraft But Eats Canned Ravioli IRL

AMES, IA -- 19 year-old Dustin Thoroughgood prepared his guild an amazing feast in World of Warcraft this past weekend.

"We had Shoveltusk Soup, Sewer Carp, Fish Feast, Hearty Rhino, Imperial Manta Steak, Poached Northern Sculpin, Dragonfin Fillet, Dalaran Donuts and, just for fun, Critter Bites."

When asked what he himself had for dinner last night in real life (IRL), Thoroughgood shrugged and said "I guess I ate a can of Ravioli from Safeway".