July 2013

Chrysler Introduces Virtual Steering Wheel

DETROIT, MI -- Chrysler corporation has announced an innovative new touch screen virtual steering wheel that will be available in its 2014 models this September. The circular screen contains the image of a traditional steering wheel, but the screen itself is stationary. Users steer the car by moving putting two fingers on each side of the touch screen and turning the wheel. This produces an animation resembling the movement of a traditional steering wheel.

Zillow Translate Helps Home Buyers

SEATTLE, WA -- Real Estate web site Zillow has introduced a "Translate" app to help buyers better understand what they are getting when they buy a house, apartment, or other property. Buyers type or paste the seller's description of the property into the "Seller" spot on the translation engine, then click "Translate". Within a few seconds a translation is rendered. Tech4Days put the app through the paces to see how well it performed. Below are the results of our tests.

Toad for iPhone Released

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Quest Software, a subsidiary of Dell Computer, has released "Toad for iPhone," the world's first SQL database editor for use with iOS.

"We have a highly technical bunch of people in the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Silicon Valley," said Declan Paratransitipan, Director of Development. "These people don't want things to be simple--they want them to be powerful. Toad for iPhone addresses this need."

Get In On the Crowd Sourcing Bandwagon

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Tired of everyone else getting super rich while you continue to remain trapped in the upper middle class lifestyle of tech? Never fear! Tech4Days has developed a crowd-sourcing project generator. Simply click the link below, and watch as your crowd sourced description is created right before your eyes. Then just cut and paste this into KickStarter, and watch the money come rolling in!

WalMart Buys reddit, Appoints Paula Deen Spokeswoman

BENTON, ARKANSAS -- WalMart Corporation has purchased reddit for $1.2 trillion dollars. Reddit, described by many as a "bulletin board on steroids", consists of posts by registered users on a variety of topics that are put into various forums, called "subreddits". Users then vote on posts to determine their popularity. Some subreddits have been considered somewhat controversial for many racist postings and postings containing nudity.

More Journal Lists Using Mobile Deuces

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- A Gardener rapport has shorn that 30 persons of journal lists are using mobile deuces to compost the stories they write. Mobile phones are the ma/am device used. Unlike transitional reposing, mobile deuces let journal lists beat the combustion to the story. Plus, they cane talk photos and punish them much faster.

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